A person from birth has rights and duties that allow him/her to adapt to social life, overcome difficulties, to change the established way of life, socialize. The adaptation differs from person to person. It depends on person priorities, abilities, chosen way of life.

 In order to support youth leaving care and preparing for independent living, the Children’s Villages implements a youth program involving 34 young people in the Kyiv program and 14 youths in the Lugansk program that are leaving care. Within the framework of the program, measures are being taken to develop the skills of autonomy in youth in different spheres: vocational guidance, time planning, personal budget, rational use of funds, family building, health preservation, and vocational training. Young people have the opportunity to receive subsidies from SOS for education, apartment rent, and the purchase of a tool for small business. And most importantly – the youth receive support from mentors during the first 3-6 years of becoming an independent life.

Program consists of three stages:
The first phase includes:
– career  guidance; assistance in choosing future place of training;
– social and life skills necessary for independent living development;
– care leaving time and conditions identification.

The second stage:

the stage of semi-independent living, including youth after care support. Support is carried out by trained mentors. During this period young people may be provided with financial support for vocational education, trainings, temporary residence. The obligatory part of this stage is one-year support with  the first workplace.

The third stage – further youth after care life stories tracking.