Procter&Gamble in Ukraine

Procter&Gamble products appeared on the Ukrainian market in 1990.

In early 1993, it became clear that the second-largest country in Europe needs more than just importing goods. Therefore, in 1993, the office of the company was opened in Kyiv, which originally consisted of three people and was located in the basement of the Medical Library. Due to the intensive economic growth of Ukraine at the end of 1994, in 1995 the business of Procter&Gamble began to develop particularly actively.

Since the beginning of 1995, the company has invested about $ 200 million in fixed assets, working capital, distribution infrastructure, and marketing support for its products. Procter&Gamble Ukraine has grown into a national leader among companies operating in the field of consumer goods.

Today, Procter&Gamble represents more than 60 brands in the Ukrainian market, including such well-known brands as Ariel, Tide, Pantene Pro-V, Olay, Safeguard, Camay, Pampers, Always, Discreet, Blend-a-Med, Oral B, Wella , Londa, Gala, Gillette, Duracell, Braun and others.

Procter&Gamble work in Ukraine is not limited to purely commercial activities. P&G pays great attention to social responsibility and sustainable development.

For many years Procter&Gamble has supported SOS Children’s Villages Ukraine both financially and with its products. Only in 2017 about 14,000 families in Kiyiv and Luhansk regions were able to obtain the necessary hygienic and household goods.

In 2018 during January and February Procter&Gamble hold an extraordinary campaign, where for every purchase of certain goods, UAH 1 went to support SOS. In total, UAH 400,000 were collected.

We are very grateful to Procter&Gamble for the fruitful cooperation and reliable partnership!