The increasing number of children without parental care or at risk of losing it as well as the deteriorating living conditions and the lack of support families in crisis face greatly concern SOS Children’s Villages Ukraine

The goal of Family Strengthening Programme is to enable children who are at risk of losing the care of their biological family to grow up in a caring family environment.  

Our specialists provide families with the case management technology services, developing or strengthening parents’ ability to bring their children up.

Case Manager is a social worker who is a leader of services to be provided to the family. He mobilizes all forces of other organizations, services and professionals who can help.

Most often, our beneficiaries are single parents, three and more children families, minor parents, internally displaced families, guardians, parents-graduates of residential institutions.

Within the framework of the program families receive psycho-social, social-pedagogical, medical, informational services, support in vocational training /retraining and material support.

The ultimate goal of our team is the self-reliance of families, which is not only improving the living conditions of  families, but also the development of parental skills to deal with any problems that arise in the family, guiding, first and foremost, by the interests of the child.

Even after leaving the program, social workers monitor the families to ensure the sustainability of the results. 

In Ukraine the first Family Strengthening Center was opened in 2003 in Kyiv.

Now we have FS centers in Kyiv and Brovary of Kyiv region, in Starobilsk and Severodonetsk of Luhansk region.

We have incredible success stories of families that constantly motivate us in our work!