Family Type Children’s Homes and Foster Families development

At the core of SOS Children’s Villages there is one simple idea: no child can live without family, child needs a family in order to develop and strengthen his/her physical, mental and spiritual strength, as the founder of the SOS Hermann Gmeiner said.

That is the priority of our work. For its implementation in both SOS Children’s Villages Programmes (Kyiv and Kyiv region and in Luhansk region) in close cooperation with local authorities, Family Type Children’s Homes and Foster Families are established.

Children who have lost parental care and in need of long-term care may find a comfortable home in SOS family. In this family they receive love, protection, and a place where their needs are met. Children grow up in families, like brothers and sisters; all family members care for each other, respect, listen and learn.

Program activities are based on European standards out-of-home care of children “Quality for Children” and the UN Guidelines for the Alternative Care of children.

16 Family Type Children’s Homes are established in Kyiv SOS Children’s Villages which are home for 95 children; Luhansk SOS Children’s Villages takes care of 33 children in one Family Type Children’s Home and 13 foster families.