SOS Children’s Villages Ukraine exists on the donations of individuals, businesses and with the assistance of international donors, so first of all we are in need of financial support.

Currently, more than 140 children who have lost parental care and 1300 children at risk of losing their family and getting to the orphanage, are in need of your support.

Some of the children have recently lost their family and need the help of psychologists. Some children lived in difficult conditions and were deprived of the opportunity to attend a school – in this case, they needed help in remunerating the work of the tutors.

Financial support is also needed to pay for utility bills and all that is necessary for the full development of each of our children.

The most important thing for us is to preserve the child’s family environment, but if it happens that the child is left without parental care, we do everything for the child to find his/her new family and home, feel himself/herself a full member of society, have the opportunity to show his/her talents and develop abilities. If you agree with us – we will be very grateful for your support!!

Corporate Partnership:

Majority of the donation is spent on the daily needs of SOS foster families: payment of utility bills, treatment for children, training for parents, classes with psychologists, tutors, payment for various sections and the purchase of necessary things.

On average, we spend 10 000 UAH per child per month, about the same amount is allocated for the maintenance of the child in the orphanage, but 70% of this amount is spent on salaries and 15% for utilities, that is, only about 1 500 UAH (50 EUR) a month remains for the needs of the child.

The budget of one of our families with 5 foster children is approximately 500 000 UAH annually (16 700 EUR).

We invite companies to financially support one of our 30 families.

We do not get tired of saying “Thank you” for any donations!

Charity promotions

Our partner companies can not only help children by making a donation, but also enable others to participate in charity!

Cause-related marketing campaigns (СRM)

We will gladly consider your proposals for joint actions. Make one of your goods charitable for a period of 1 month and donate part of money from its sale to help children from our Children’s Village. Such promotions help to inform more people about the problem of orphanage and the work of SOS Children’s Villages as well as attract even more attention to your brand.

Charity fairs in the office

Such fairs can be arranged throughout the year. The main goods on the fair is what the employees themselves bring to the fair. They can bake something or make handcrafts. Goods are exchanged for donations.

You can prepare for the fair with your children, loved ones, making something for the fair and knowing that it will help orphans.

Charity auction

You can arrange a fun charity event in the office with lots from the company and from SOS Children’s Villages Ukraine.

SOS Children’s Villages lots: branded souvenirs

Lots from the company: coffee with CEO, extra weekend, tickets for the entertaining event, payment for various training courses and master classes, etc.

Such events will help employees to feel their involvement in solving of social problem and to make their own contribution to a good cause.

Charity instead of gifts to partners and corporate parties

Participating in charity is very easy!

We offer to make a donation within the company’s marketing budget to help orphans. As a gratitude your friends and partners will receive a postcard drawn by children from our Children’s Village or other handmade gifts.

For example, on the New Year’s eve, you can become magicians for those who really need your support! Helping children who have lost their families and parental care is an act that will not leave anyone indifferent.

On-line campaigns

When ordering your products through your site, add the “help to SOS” option and give your customers an easy way to get involved in a good cause.

Donation boxes

Our partners can install boxes in their offices, stores, cafes to raise funds for the benefit of children supported by SOS Children’s Villages Ukraine.

Boxes can be set on a regular basis, as well as during the period of specific celebrations, such as New Year, Children’s Day, Mother’s Day, Knowledge Day, etc.

Boxes are installed on the basis of the contract. Collection of funds is carried out in the presence of representatives of both parties and recorded in an official act.

Our organization takes the responsibility of installation of boxes and collection the donations.

Pro-bono services

Pro-bono is a professional help provided on a voluntary basis to charitable organizations that can not pay for this service.

If your company is ready to provide assistance in the form of its professional services on a royalty-free basis, we will be glad to discuss it.

We need:

• Legal services,

• Services for the repair of premises,

• Audit services,

• Transport services (taxi, transfers, cargo transportation),

• Medical services (medical care for SOS families, professional reviews, registration of sanitary books),

• Premises for conducting charitable events,

• Catering for charity events,

• Antifire and sanitary treatment of premises and territories,

• Tutoring for all subjects,

• Services of photographers, video operators

• Printing of printing materials.

Each of these services will be useful for our organization, will save money and redistribute them to other urgent needs.